Robert Stringer

Fl/Lt. Robert Stringer 428030 D.F.C. R.A.A.F. Born: Monday, 25th August 1920, in Prahan, Victoria, Australia.

Pilot Fl/Lt. Robert Stringer, taken in 1945

Robert Stringer enlisted on the 11th of September 1942 at Hobart, Australia
Between 1944 and 1945 he flew 36 operations and received the D.F.C. on the 25th of September 1945.
Among the many incidents on his ops, on January 7th 1945, on a raid to Hanover the rear turret was hit and put out of action and rear gunner David Broatch’s flying suit was torn and a short circuit in the heating caused a slow burn to his foot, hospitalising him for a few weeks. On January 8th 1945 for an operation to Hanau Fl/Sgt. Page replaced Broatch as rear gunner.


Above Bob with his wife Vivienne - left at Anzac Parade in 2008 and right in 2009

His crew details:

Flight Engineer: John Dart, A.L. Barlow, E.F. Spiers, S. Teasdale

Air Bomber: Leslie Pearse D.F.C.

Navigator: Albert W. Jenkinson D.F.C.

Wireless operator: Sergeant Cecil “Eddie” Noble R.A.A.F.

Mid upper gunner: Don Betton


Left to right: Eddie Noble, Don Betton and David Broatch with his bride.

Rear Gunner: Sergeant David Clifton Broatch R.A.F.V.R.
Sergeant David Clifton Broatch was born in 1925 at Burnley, Lancashire. Before enlisting in the air force he worked as an apprentice draughtsman at an Aircraft Works. Enlisted when he was under seventeen and finally succeeded when he was about eighteen in December 1943. Married Imelds Bennett at the church of Christ the King, Springhill, Manchester Road, Burnley, Lancashire on the 5th of December 1944 with Don bretton, the mid upper gunner of the crew as best man and some of the crew attending. After the war he became the Chief design Engineer at the G.E.C.London. Sadly he passed away in April 1983 in Brentwood.


Left: Don Broatch middle row, extreme right, Right: Sgt's David Broatch and Eddie Noble.

Robert Stringer also flew with the same crew but with the following different Flight Engineers: William George Warden, C. Entwhistle D.F.M, C. David and A.L.BarlowRobert was discharged on the 7th of December 1945, his posting at discharge being 1653 Communications Unit.
Today Robert “Bob “ Stringer lives in Yungaburra, Australia with his wife Vivienne.


Officer Aircrew Training School, Sidmouth 1943

Researched by Aircrew Remembrance Society , Special thanks to genealogist Linda Ibrom for supplying these records for Bob and his crew members families.
Photo credits to Robert Stringer D.F.C. and Imelda Broatch, wife of David Broatch with special thanks to Christine Spencer.

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