R.A.F. "Titch" Halliday Former Air Gunner 75 Squadron 1944 - 1945
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VETERAN R.A.F. AIR GUNNER 75 SQUADRON W/O. Albert Frederick Halliday


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All photographs and history supplied by Titch's daughter Ann, who never met her Dad, he died some 12 weeks before she was born.
We are also in contact with Titch's Pilot's daughter and hopefully will be adding more information in the coming weeks. Ann has also supplied a great poem which can be seen HERE along with some other photographs including 2 superb inflight shots of 2 of his Lancaster Engines which packed up during a flight.
Ann takes up the history:
My Dad was in 75 New Zealand Squadron His nickname was Titch (which we had no idea about until 1999) He was a mid upper gunner they flew in Avro Lancaster’s, he was based at Mepal in Cambridge
He was at RAF Bishopscourt Northern Ireland No12 AGS and flew in Anson’s April 1944
RAF Oakley Buckinghamshire May – June 1944
RAF Westcott Buckinghamshire No11 OTU and flew in Wellington’s June 1944
Heavy Conversion Unit RAF Chedburgh Suffolk and flew in Stirling’s Sept 1944
No3 L.F.S RAF Feltwell Norfolk and flew in Lancaster’s Oct 1944
Then in Oct 1944 he joined 75 New Zealand Squadron RAF Mepal Cambridge

75 Sq was called the chopper squadron as it received the highest crew losses, My dad made it through all his operations and then he and his crew then went on leave, the war ended and he was moved somewhere else, he never saw or managed to keep in touch with his crew, I managed to trace his pilot and navigator in 1999, and we have stayed in touch with them.

"Titch Halliday died on the 9th May 1966 during his post war career with the "Observer Newspaper. A superb photograph shown below where he his seen standing behind Ringo Star and Paul McCartney of the Beatles.
(Titch is the chap on the left behind Ringo)