R.A.F. (Polish) 306 squadron flight mechanic Ludwig Wojturski
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Ludwik Wojturski 703269 Former Polish Air Force 306 Squadron flight mechanic
Ludwik Wojturski (Courtesy Ann Siburuth)

Ludwik Wojturski was born on 3rd February 1912 in Hrusiatycze near Stanislawow, Poland. The information and photographs shown have been supplied by his daughter Ann Siburuth: (Amended details advised by Peter Sikora) He always said he was born in 1916. He completed primary school in Lwow in 1922 and from their he worked in a sawmill in Chodorow (1929 - 1934). Prior to WW11 he completed his National Service in the Polish Airforce in the 6th Air Regiment. Following this he was unemployed. At the outbreak of war he was a reservist, but was not mobilised.

Julek Wojturski - Ludwik's brother (Courtesy Ann Siburuth)

In 1939 taken prisoner or rather arrested by Soviets with his oldest brother and their mother and put on a train for Siberia; It was a bitterly cold Saturday when the train left the station. They were sent to a camp in Altai Krajski which is near the Mongolian border, but I never knew the name of the camp. Released in 1942. He joined Polish Air Force in Iraq in 1942 (created from Poles who survived Russian captivity). Under the amnesty issued by "Uncle Joe" they travelled overland to Persia and freedom. His brother had joined "Anders Army" in the U.S.S.R. on the 7th February 1942. On their arrival in Teheran Dad came under British Command with the P.A.F. His mother died after a few days in Teheran from Typhus and is buried there. His date of enrolment however in the RAF doesn't start until 12th June 1942. He had travelled to England via Bombay in India and Capetown in South Africa.

On left: Ludwik Wojturski with other ground crew at work - can you name the others? (Courtesy Ann Siburuth) 306-squadron-ground-crew
2nd from left: Ludwik Wojturski with other ground crew - are you able to name them? (Courtesy Ann Siburuth)

On 30 of May 1942 arrived in Glasgow, then joined Polish 306 Sqn, when he served until 1946. After the war he was planning to work as engine mechanic. He was a Lance corporal in 306 squadron and a flight mechanic. Service number was 703269. After the war he met up again with his brother Julian who had stayed with Anders Army. Dad decided to stay in England and was transferred to the Polish Resettlement Corps in East Wretham.   He was finally discharged in 1947 and was sent up to Lancashire to work in the cotton mills. He met my mother who worked in the N.A.A.F.I. at East Wretham. Dad sadly died on the 26th August 1992, and took a lot of secrets to his grave.
306-squadron-jasiu-ludwik---august-1942   306-squadron-mechanic-ludwik00a0wojtursk-and-stanislaw-baliga-2
Left: Jasiu Ludwik a friend of Ludwik, Right: Ludwik with another friend, Stanislaw Baliga, who are both thought to have returned to Poland after the war (Courtesy Ann Siburuth) general-sikorski-inspecting-the-troups  306-squadron-ground-crew-having-a-pint
Left General Sikorski during a visit and right ground crew enjoying a pint - can you name any of these? (Courtesy Ann Siburuth)
Further information supplied by Peter Sikora: L.A.C. (Polish rank plutonowy) Stanislaw Baliga 792682 born on the 12th December 1918 served as mechanic in 306 Squadron. Before the war he served in 6th Air Regiment in 64th Squadron as mechanic assistant. In England he was posted to No. 317 Squadron P.A.F. then 129 R.A.F. Before demobilisation served in 306 Squadron at R.A.F. Coltishall.
306 Squadron (Taken after the war - Courtesy Ann Siburuth) Sq/Ldr. Jozef Jeka is sitting behind the board with Squadron number. On his left Leszek Grzybowski, on his right Tadeusz Gora. Ludwik Wojturski is on the front row - 2nd from the right