01/02.01.1944 No. 626 Squadron Lancaster III DV190 Sgt. Berry Location: Gardelegen, Germany.
Mission: Berlin

Date: 01/02nd January 1944 (Saturday/Sunday)

Unit: No. 626 Squadron

Type: Lancaster III

Serial: DV190

Code: UM-B2

Base: R.A.F. Wickenby, Lincolnshire.

Location: Gardelegen, Germany.

Pilot: Sgt. Ernest Berry 1133453 R.A.F.V.R. Age ? Killed

Fl/Eng: Sgt. Eric Atkinson 2216077 R.A.F.V.R. Age 19. Killed

Nav: Sgt. J.B. Edwards P.O.W. No further details available.

Air/Bmr: Sgt. Ronald Henry Doull 1449870 R.A.F.V.R. Age 22. Killed

W/Op/Air/Gnr: Sgt. Stanley Henderson 108429 R.A.F.V.R. Age 23. Killed

Air/Gnr: Sgt. Victor Nelson Trayler 634398 R.A.F. Age 23. Killed

Air/Gnr: Sgt. John Waters 61813 R.A.F. Age ? Killed


Taking off from R.A.F. Wickenby, Lincolnshire at 00.16 hrs to bomb the heart of Germany, Berlin. 471 Lancasters taking part in this operation, one of four attacks on the capital within 10 days. The Luftwaffe night fighters intercepted the bomber stream very early, despite a diversionary raid made on Hamburg by 15 Mosquitoes.

626-squadron-lancaster-iii-dv190-sergeant-john--waters zoom  626-squadron-lancaster-iii-dv190-sgt-victor-trayler zoom  626-squadron-lancaster-iii-dv190-raf-wickenby_memorial zoom
Above left: Sgt. John Waters - Middle: Sgt. Victor Nelson Trayler (see credits) - Right: RAF Wickenby Memorial today

About 10 of the 28 Lancaster losses were made early en-route to the target. 2 were victims over Berlin, two were claimed by Berlin flak units, with the remainder on return from the target
Bombing was scattered in the southern parts of the city with only 21 houses and 1 industrial building destroyed.

Lancaster DV190 is thought to have been a victim of the fierce flak units.
No nightfighter claims were identified for this aircraft which crashed at Gardelegen, Germany.

Above and below, samples of cartoons drawn by Stanley “Chic” Henderson of the crew - to pass the time

Burial details:

Sgt. Ernest Berry. Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery. Grave 6.F.2
No further details as yet.

Sgt. Eric Atkinson. Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery. Grave 6.F.1
Son of Charles and Clara Atkinson of Mirfield, Yorkshire.

Sgt. Ronald Henry Doull. Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery. Grave 6.F.6
Son of Ronald and Lily Alice Doull of Ilford, Essex.

Sgt. Stanley Henderson. Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery. Grave 6.F.5
Son of James Laidham and Mary Elizabeth Henderson of Consett, County Durham.

Sgt. Victor Nelson Trayler. Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery. Grave 6.F.3
Further information:
Son of William Henry and Gwendolyn Cynthia Trayler, husband of Olive Trayler of Newport, Monmouthshire. Victor joined the R.A.F. at eighteen. Just a month after he and the crew were shot down, his wife gave birth to their son, Michael Victor. Victor was a close friend with the rear gunner, John “Paddy” Waters and also with Sergeant Stanley “Chic” Henderson who drew cartoons of the crew to pass the time.

Sgt. John Waters. Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery. Grave 6.F.4
Son of Matthew and Margaret Waters (nee Cummings)

Researched by A.R. Society volunteer, researcher and specialist genealogist Linda Ibrom for relatives of this crew.
Special thanks to Mrs Olive Perry (widow of Sergeant Trayler) and Michael Trayler, son and Derek Gardner.

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