27.03.1943 No.414 RCAF Mustang I AP185 F/O Steves Location: North of Brighton, East Sussex, England.
Mission: Rhubarb.

Date: 27th March 1943

Time: 16.10 hours.

Unit: No.414 (R.C.A.F) Squadron.

Type: North American Mustang I

Serial No: AP185

Base: Dunsfold, Surrey.

Location: North of Brighton, East Sussex, England.

Pilot: F/O Hugh "Steevie" Steves J/7474 R.C.A.F. Age ? - Killed.


Extract from No.414 Squadron ORB

F/O Steeves & F/O Mossing took off on a Rhubarb, weather was good for operation but patches of fog mist & rain had been reported. They were instructed to turn back if weather doubtful. When flying to South Coast they ran into dense fog. F/O Steeves was No.1 and said "climb" over R/T. F/O Mossing climbed in fog and approximateley one and a half minutes later heard leader say "return to base". F/O Mossing emerged from cloud at 6000 feet and called for a homing from Tangmere, he did not hear from F/O Steeves again. At 1610 hours F/O Steeves crashed into the side of a hill North of Brighton and was instantly killed.

28th March 1943:

Bright warm day, weather too good for Rhubarb. Major O'Reilly, F/Lt Clarke and F/O Macmillan drove to Brighton to investigate crash. Interviewed police at Hassocks, visited the scene of the accident. Aircraft completely broken up, crashed through some trees and hit the side of a hill, bounced about 300 yards, burned and exploded. RAF Station Brighton very co-operative.

Arranged for local funeral contractors to remove body of F/O Steeves from Hassocks and prepare for burial. Funeral

Funeral Tuesday March 30th at 1500 hours, Internment at Brookwood Cemetery

(1) Hugh 'Steevie' Steeves
F/O. Hugh "Steevie" Steeves (Christopher Clarke & Brenda Burroughs)

(2) No.414 pilot line up
No.414 pilot line up - On the prop: Chick Davidson

Standing L to R: Gordon Zetterstrand, F/L Miskelly, Bill Blakney, George Burroughs, Stuart Chapman, Charles Stover, Larry Doherty, Frank McQuoid, Ludwig Bernhardt, Lou Theireault, Steevie Steeves.

Seated: Fred Clarke, Jack Godfrey, Roy Begg, Jack Amos,Bod Sanderson (Christopher Clarke).

(3) Steevie Steeves original markerCC(4) Hugh Steevie Steeves grave
Original grave marker at Brookwood Cemetery(Clarke)
ccccccccccccccHugh's grave today (Clarke)cccccccccccc

Burial Details:

F/O. Hugh "Steevie" Steves. Brookwood Military Cemetery Grave 34.C.1.

Acknowledgments: Compiled & researched by Melvin Brownless With special thanks to Mr. Christopher Clarke in Canada and also the daughter of George Burroughs, Brenda for the supply of information and the superb photographs.

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