17.12.1943 No.287 Squadron RAF Spitfire VB AD315 F/Sgt Morris Location: Green Hailey, near Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, England.
Operation: Cross country flight.

Date: 17th December 1943

Time: 15.45 hours.

Unit: No.287 Squadron R.A.F.

Type: Supermarine Spitfire VB

Serial No: AD315

Coded: (not known).

Location: Green Hailey, near Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire. (Booker Aircraft Museum has map ref:159/830832 or 830032)

Pilot: F/Sgt Peter Yorke Morris 1322304 R.A.F. (V.R). Age. 21 - Killed.


Extracted from No.287 Squadron ORB (Operational Record Book).

F/Sgt Morris with Spitfire AD315 whilst on I.A.Z course from Ford crashed into a hill at 800 feet at Green Hailey, near Princes Risborough, Bucks in fog at 15.45 hours. The pilot was killed instantly and the aircraft completely wrecked.

Note: Records show that Spitfire AD315 was previously test flown with Rolf Pingle's Me 109F for speed trials. Image of Pingel's Me 109F can be found in our Luftwaffe loss pages 1941. (10.07.1941 Stab I/JG26 Messerschmitt Bf 109F-2 Wnr.12764 Hptm Pingel).

Me 109F and Spitfire VB (AD.315) flew together to 19,000 ft. for comparative speed trials.

At 18,880 ft., the Me 109F was about 21 mph. faster than the Spitfire with a true speed computing to 362 mph. which agrees with Farnborough's figures. The Spitfire however, was only giving a true 341 mph. with emergency boost of only 8 1/2 lbs, which does not seems enough. At 15,000 ft. the Me 109's engine was vibrating at full power and it was not possible to find its superiority in speed, but the Spitfire was giving 350 mph. true (this agrees with Boscome) at plus 13 emergency boost.

The Me 109 computed to 345 at this height, which agrees with Farnborough again. Weather not being fit for high altitude work, the Me 109F then did a comparative speed run against the Spitfire VB at 1,000 ft. The Spitfire's maximum level speed at 1,000 ft. computes to 292 mph and the Me 109 was about 10 to 15 mph faster, but it was not possible to judge the difference in speed more accurately, as the weather was very bumpy.

Princes Risborough comes out to honour war heroes July 2013.

Extract from the Bucks Free Press.

AIRMEN who heroically gave their lives to ensure their planes did not crash into Princes Risborough during the Second World War were honoured today.

An honour guard from the RAF, US Air Force, Royal Air Force Association and the Royal British Legion led a procession of dignitaries and the pilots’ families from Market Square to the new memorials outside Risborough Library.

A dedication service was then held to enable the Risborough community to finally pay tribute to the aircrews that perished after guiding their damaged aircraft away from the town’s built up areas during the war.

Mayor of Prince Risborough Cllr Alan Turner said: “We are here to pay tribute to the airman who lost their lives during World War Two.

“They paid the ultimate sacrifice and we honour their memory. We are a small community in Risborough but we have a great big heart.

“It’s a great day for the town but it’s a day for the families. Some have come over from Australia, America and across the UK – it’s really, really good.”

Following the ceremony, guests and residents headed to the Princes Centre for afternoon tea and to look through an exhibition of photos detailing Risborough during war times. Including Ken Olisa and Sandie Maitland, nephew and niece of Sgt. Kenneth.R. Blaskey, who died on January 30, 1943 when an RAF Avro Anson crashed at Longdown Farm.

Mrs Maitland said: “I’ve grown up with Uncle Ken, as my mother always talked about him. He died and his contribution to the war had not really been marked – so it was appropriate for Uncle Ken to get that recognition.”

The memorial was funded by the town council and organised by town councillor Dennis Green, who spent three years researching and organising the ceremony. He was sadly unable to attend the ceremony after suffering a stroke.

Daughter Annette Tullett said: “He’s worked so hard on this, it’s so sad he is not here today.

“Until you get something like this I don’t think the families ever really get closure. But the families I’ve spoken to are so pleased to be here and I’m so touched by it.”

Led by the British Legion the procession heads up the High Street (Cannon)


Mayor of Prince Risborough Cllr Alan Turner (Cannon)


The memorial to Peter (Cannon)

Burial detail:

Brookwood Military Cemetery, Woking, Surrey. Grave/Memorial Reference: 21. C. 20.

Son of Ernest M. Morris and Hepzibah L. Morris, of Chiswick, Middlesex.

Researched by Melvin Brownless & David King with special thanks to Paul Cannon and the Bucks Free Press, updated August 2013.

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