04.06.1943 7 P.A.F.U. Miles Master II. W9038 P/O Hinton. Location Olney Park Farm Olney Bucks.
Mission: Training Flight.

Date: 4
th June 1943.

Unit: 7 P.A.F.U. (Pilots Advanced Flying Unit)

Type: Miles Master II.

Serial No. W9038.

Base: R.A.F. Sibson near Peterborough.

Location: Olney Park Farm, Olney, Bucks.

Pilot: P/O Allan Thompson Hinton J/23231 R.C.A.F. (Killed)


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Miles Master II sister aircraft W8825 from same production batch.

P/O Allan Hinton took-off from R.A.F. Sibson on a solo cross country flight. At around 1800hrs he was seen low flying in the area of Olney, Bucks. Moments later as he flew low over Olney Park Farm farmhouse, his wing clipped one of the chimneys and struck part of the roof, causing the aircraft to cartwheel across the adjacent cornfields. When the Fire Service arrived at the blazing remains of the aircraft there was no sign of the pilot. After a long search his body was found in the next field where he had been catapulted. The crash occurred just after 1800hrs. Investigation into the crash showed that he was off course and flying at an unauthorized height, it later transpired that he was fond of a young lady who was a Land Army Girl staying at the farm.

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Olney Park Farm farmhouse looking North-East.

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(Left) Side and rear elevation of farmhouse, aircraft would have approached from the right. (Right) Aircrafts line of approach from the North-East and approximate crash location.

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Olney Park Farm farmhouse looking back North-East from the track beside the field the aircraft crashed in.

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Further along the track towards the crash site, at the time of the crash in 1944 this was a cornfield, at the time of our visit 10
th August 2019, the field crop was beans.

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Looking South-West away from the farm towards the crash site just in from the track right on the brow.

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The crash site location looking back North-East, just left from the track here with the roof of Olney Park Farm just visible behind the trees centre.

Burial Details:

Pilot Officer (Pilot) Allan Thompson Hinton J/23231. Royal Canadian Air Force, (Age 21). Allan Hinton was a US national who enlisted with the RCAF - the son of Allan Thompson Hinton, and Martena Hinton, of East Orange, New Jersey, USA. He is buried in the RAF regional burial plot at Kempston Cemetery, near Bedford.

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Tragically many young airmen lost their lives in this way, illegally low flying dropping in at home to impress mum and dad, friends or sweet hearts. (Right) Allan’s grave at Kempston.

Research and site investigation by Alexander King and David King. Other Sources: Extract from ‘Lines in Pleasant Places - Memoirs of Gordon Osborn, Master Butcher in the Town of Olney.

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