13.07.1940 No. 218 Squadron Blenheim R3597 F/O. Newton Location: Harrold, Bedfordshire, England. +
Mission:  Training

Date:  13th July 1940

Unit:  No: 218 Squadron

Type:  Blenheim IV

Serial:  R3597

Coded:  HA-?

Location:  Harrold, Bedfordshire.

Pilot:  F/O. Terence Newton 39943 R.A.F. Age; ? Killed

Obs 1:  Sgt. David Vincent Malpass 564042 R.A.F.V.R. Age; 26 Killed

Obs 2:  Sgt. Joseph Newton Routledge 513919 R.A.F. Age; 27 Killed


13th July 1940 P/O Newton carried out general flying practice in Blenheim R3597 on the line of Mildenhall to Sywell, with map reading practice to two observers, Sgt. Routledge and Sgt. Malpass. Weather 'good'. 

Take off Mildenhall 10.55am.
At about 11.30am he was seen flying very low over his uncle's farm on the Harrold to Sharnbrook road, some 10 miles south of the prescribed line.

In passing over the farm the starboard wing tip of the aircraft struck the top of a 40 foot high Ash tree, which damaged it and probably the aileron. Started a turn to starboard, which gradually steepened; after loosing height the a/c struck the ground just to the N.E. of Harrold and caught fire.
The three occupants were killed instantly.

Sgt. David Vincent Malpass (courtesy Owen Vaughan)

Burial Details:

F/O Terence Newton Carlton (St. Mary) Churchyard. West of tower. Further information: Son of Winstanley and Madeleine Newton; nephew of Mr. D. F. Warren, of St. Albans, Hertfordshire. Flying Officer Newton was the nephew of Pat Warren (Dennis Patrick Warren-Somerville) who at the time had a piggery between Harrold and Odell. His parents lived in Australia. His flying skills assessed as 'above average'. Sgt. Malpass previously served in France. Only son of Mr & Mrs James Malpass of Wheeler Ave, Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA Graduated in 1929 took raf entrance exam in America and shortly afterwards directed to appear in England. Married Connie youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs B. Thomas 4 West Gate Hill Pembroke. His father served right through last war.

Sgt. David Vincent Malpass Pembroke Dock (Llanion) Cemetery. Sec. T. Grave 229. Son of James Power Malpass and Catherine Maud Malpass, husband of Irene Constance Phelps Malpass, of Pembroke.

Sgt. Joseph Newton Routledge Penrith Cemetery. Sec/ Green. Row J.J.J. Grave 8. Son of John and Elizabeth Routledge, of Penrith.

Research by Owen Vaughan, we are grateful for his contributions to this loss article and also for the photo of Sgt. David Malpass. Mr Owen Vaughan specialises in the research of R.A.F. (and others) graves in the Pembrokeshire area of England and we hope to be working further with Owen over the coming months. With thanks to the following: Bill Chorley - "Bomber Command Losses". The superb work of the C.W.G.C.

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