14.05.1940 No 226 Squadron R.A.F. Battle I L5438 Fl/Sgt. Dunn Location: Mont Dieu. +
Mission: Sedan

Date: 14th May 1940 (Tuesday)

Unit: No. 226 Squadron

Type: Fairy Battle I

Serial: L5438

Code: MQ-?

Base: Reim/Champagne

Location: Mont Dieu

Pilot: Fl/Sgt. William Alfred Dunn 563086 R.A.F. Age ? Killed

Obs: Sgt. Arthur Francis Sedgwick 523566 R.A.F. Age 31. Killed

W/Op/Air/Gnr: A.C.2 Michael Benedict Millar 616790 R.A.F. Age 24. Killed


Took off at 15.25 hrs to bomb the bridge at Mouzon, France. 4 aircraft from 226 squadron, 4 from 103 squadron and 4 from 105 squadron were detailed for this operation. The operation was part of the heaviest daylight bombing raids by the R.A.F. of the war so far. It was made to try and halt the rapid advance of the German troops. The Hurricanes provided to support the Battles were as a whole ineffective and the accurate flak fire together with prowling Luftwaffe fighters decimated the bombers with all 4 from 226 squadron being lost as well as a further 34 aircraft shot down on this day!
L5438 was shot down during its attack on a bridge at Mouzon and crashed at 16.00hrs. All crew were killed and buried initially in the area of Mont Dieu. The bodies were exhumed in February 1947 and reinterred in Choloy War Cemetery.
The other 226 Aircraft lost on this operation:
K9343 Flown by Sgt Victor Moseley killed with the other 2 crew members.
P2267 Flown by Sq/Ldr. Locket made p.o.w the other 2 crew members killed
P2254 Flown by Sgt. Annan - aircraft abandoned, all crew safe.
A further 3 aircraft from 226 squadron were hit but repairable.

Crews of 226 Squadron in France.

L5438 very approx. crash area

Choloy War Cemetery (Courtesy C.W.G.C.)

We would appreciate other relatives of this crew to contact us with further information/photographs

Burial details:

Fl/Sgt. William Alfred Dunn. Choloy War Cemetery. Joint Grave 2A.A. 2-3 No further details as yet.

Sgt. Arthur Francis Sedgwick. Choloy War Cemetery. Grave 2A.A.1. Son of Thomas C. Sedgwick and Frances Sedgwick, of Liverpool; stepson of Mrs. M. Sedgwick, of Liverpool.

A.C.2 Michael Benedict Millar. Choloy War Cemetery. Joint Grave 2A.A. 2-3 Son of Andrew and Catherine Millar, of Dublin, Irish Republic.

For Lynn Millar (Great niece of A.C.2 Michael Millar) and dedicated to all the crew's relatives and friends. Acknowledgments: With thanks to the following: Bill Chorley - "Bomber Command Losses", Peter Cornwell -"Battle of France Then and Now", the superb work of the C.W.G.C.

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