03.09.1939 No.21 (1) Eskadra Bombowa Lekka PZL P.23 Karas Kpr.pil. Obiorek Location: Kozy, Poland
Mission: Defence of Poland

Date: 3rd September 1939 (Sunday)

Unit: No. 21(1) Eskadra Bombowa Lekka (Light Bomber Flight - Polish)

Type: PZL P.23 Karas

Base: Radom, Sadków, Poland.

Location: Kozy, Poland.

Pilot: Kpr.pil. Stanislaw Obiorek P.A.F. Age 25. Survived (1)

Obs: Ppor.obs. Tadeusz Krol P.A.F. Age 26. Killed

Air/Gnr: Kpr.strzel. Ignacy Mularczyk P.A.F. Age 23. Killed


After successful attack on German tanks in the region of Gorzkowice this aircraft was attacked by 3 Bf 109s. This Polish aircraft was shot down and crashed in Kozy near Dabrowa Wielka, Poland.

Initially they were buried at the crash site, in 1952 exhumed and buried anonymously in Sieradz. Erroneously memorial plagues are still kept at Plawno cemetery, where different crew was buried.
The claim for this loss was made by Lt. Karlfried Norman OF 2nd Staffel 1/JG.77 flying a Bf 109e.

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Ppor.obs. Tadeusz Krol.

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Kpr.strzel. Ignacy Mularczyk

Images - (Courtesy Robert Kielek via Peter Sikora)

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PZL P.23 Karas from12 Light Bomber Escadre, based in Warsaw (Courtesy Wikipedia)

(1) Kpr.pil. Stanislaw Obiorek bailed out and survived - he was sadly killed on the 10/11th January 1942 whilst flying with 304 Squadron. The Wellington, IC Z1082 went missing on an operation to Wilhelmshaven and all the crew are commemorated on the Polish Memorial at Northolt and the superb Polish memorial in Warsaw.

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On the 4th September 2011, a memorial dedicated to these two Polish airman was unveiled in Kozy.
(Courtesy Robert Kielek via Peter Sikora)

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Warsaw memorial (Archives)

Burial Details:

Ppor.obs. Tadeusz Krol, Buried in Sieradz. Born 29.8.1913 in Sandomierz, Poland

Kpr.strzel. Ignacy Mularczyk, Buried in Sieradz. Born 16.8.1916 in Nowa Wies, Nr. Ojcow, Poland

Researched by Peter Sikora for the Aircrew Remembrance Society and dedicated to the relatives of this crew. Acknowledgments: Crew photos courtesy of Robert Kielek.

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